Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vaulting Etc.

I had a conversation yesterday and it reminded me that I've never really posted any vaulting things or any other horse stuff... kind of random, not instructional, its just stuff today.

Technique Equestrian Vaulting Club, Fire Team
Nationals 2012, Kentucky -- First major competition for Lex

(I have video I'll try to upload soon)

People ask me why I have such daredevil kids. My two pilot boys, who both paraglide, and my vaulting daughter. I'm not much of a daredevil myself, as a matter of fact, heights really freak me out. But, for some reason, I've ended up with kids that like to live on the adventurous side.

At least vaulting isn't as dangerous as eventing

It could still be a family thing. This is my sister's fall.

Angie's Spill at Ram Tap
 Yes, she and the horse lived through it, a little worse for wear, but alive.

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