Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Mending Index

I have been, and am still working on, posting links on book mending. Use this index to link to each topic.
(I will activate the link as I post each topic)

Getting Started
When to Repair a Book
Basic Book Mending Kit
Supply Links, along with a few referrals

Tipping in a Torn out Page
     for when the page has been ripped out at it's roots (in the gutter)
Mending a Tear
     all the pieces are there, it's just ripped and torn
Archival Tissue Mends
      when you are missing a part of a page
Water Damage Fixes
      from little spills to full immersion
Cloth Spine Replacement
       for dog-eared and ripped spines
Fix a Separating Text Block
        for when the cover is fine, and the text block is fine, but the two are no longer together.

Preventative and One-Step Simple  Fixes
How to Open a New Book
Making a Mylar Book Cover
Mending Frayed Book Corners
Erasing Tips

Tech Tips
Locking Waxed Thread onto Needle
Gluing 'Out'

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