Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Mending Mini Series -- Separated Spine

Sewing the Text Block Back In
Mending for a book where the cover is intact, but the end-sheets are broken or separated.

Book Cloth (paper on one side, fabric on the other)
PVA adhesive
Flat tip paint brush
Sharp 'exacto' blade
Weight or covered block
Masking strips
Silicone release paper
 (it looks like--but works better than--wax paper)

Let's get Started

1- Evaluate the separation. 
Is it completely pulled out, or is the crash still holding it in a little bit?

2- Fully separate the section of the text block from the side of the cover that you are going to repair. 
Use a sharp blade to cut the mesh.
One-sided or both. This book has only the one side that will need a repair.

3- Make and tip-in a New Supporting Gutter Strip / Hinge
(sorry, I sometimes will use my own labels. Someday I might have to look up--and remember--the real terminology)

 Measure a matching color of Bookcloth, crease and


Mask paper edge --run book glue along edge. Cloth side DOWN.

Tip in.
Do NOT slide the strip in, SET it down--stretching it a bit between your hands makes it a bit easier. If you slide it in, the glue smears. You want a clean tip-in.

4- Weight the text to prevent movement. Measure and mark out your drilling holes.
We've done 7 here.
 5- Drill holes at an angle, from top of text block into the spine.

6- Sew new gutter / support strip onto the text block, creating a stronger hinge in preparation for adding your cover back on.

Using linen waxed thread,
(go HERE to see how to lock your thread on the needle)
 Start in the center hold. Start on top, push through to spine-side.
 ...and back up through next hole --remember to keep your text block weighted.
' Zig Zag' up, then go back down the opposite way,
 all the to the end . . .
 back up to the center hole -- and knot. Trim thread, but leave a tail.
7- Create a strong and flexible hinge/gutter
Crease the Support/Gutter Strip back on itself, open back up and run glue inside the creased portion
Fold strip back up, glue and the thread tail and stitching are all folded up and inside--essentially invisible now. Burnish with a bone folder for a good crease.

 Fold strip back towards text block, cease and burnish.
 You have basically created an accordian-style hinge
 8- Mask off and protect the rest of the book
We've used release paper, then scrap paper on top, both under the bookcloth strip
 9- Re-attach any loose paper on the cover
 Burnish mends with bone folder
 10- Apply adhesive to bookcloth strip
 11- Shut book on cloth strip, check alignment. Place book in a press, or weight until dry.

 Learn more book mending, go here: Book Mending Index

... a very special thanks to the The Harold B. Lee Library's Archival and Mending Department at BYI, the A. Dean Larsen Book Collecting Conference, and our instructor, Christina T.

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