Monday, March 21, 2011


There is just too much going on for me right now to even begin to cover it all, but I had to butt in here (amongst all the crafty posts) and mention some news . . .

I received a reply on my picture book submission from one of the publishing houses!

First, let me preface by saying that I submitted this manuscript at the editor's request - I had a chance to do a pitch

~this pitch~

(Keep in mind that it was pretty off-the-cuff and not as polished as I would have liked. I was trying to remember my cover letter stuff. I would re-word it if I were to use it later in my cover letter or whatever.)


Oliver used to be ordinary--yesterday.
Oliver, to his surprise, has begun to float.
Oliver has lost his gravitational grip.
     (wish I'd phrased these better here)

Unfortunately schools aren't equipped to deal with kids who develop an unusual aptitude like altitude.

Ordinary Oliver, a picture book tale for anyone who has found themselves on their own, and overlooked, by their grown-ups.

     (he then asked for a 'comparison', an "it's this book meets that book" kind of thing)

Ordinary Oliver: It's Tuesday meets The Shrinking of Treehorn with a twist of Bad Case of Stripes.
     (I could not remember Imogene's Antlers - I would have liked to throw that one in there too.)

Excerpts from the reply:

' . . . love the imagery, Amy. The fact that Oliver floats . . . and no one notices intrigues me. I think you are a talented writer and you hit the market with this idea.'

'Your word count is right on. You've got a great cover letter. Your story is well written, and works well when read aloud. It is obvious you have done your research and are familiar with what kids are looking for.'

Now, they did not pick this up, partly because they only publish 1-2 picture books a year and partly because of the type of house they are. They often have a requirement that those picture books have a strong take-away message. I am completely okay with that. It's what I knew already. It's just so nice to have an editor give me such positive feedback.

So... I am still submitting Oliver. But it's hard to remember to follow through since I am on to the next three, no that's five projects (I'm not including any craft project in that count, that's just the manuscripts that are itching my brain at the present time), I've got to get better at the follow up.

In any case, here's to hoping for the right eyes to see Ordinary Oliver at the right time.

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Penny B. said...

FANTASTIC news Amy!! Keep up the hard work!