Monday, March 21, 2011

Finishing it off...

Putting on the Cover


PVA glue
Flat brush
Waste paper
Wax paper

Trim the crash

Carefully line everything up, is the block sqaure in the cover? Brush PVA glue OUT (start in center, brush to edges) Get glue on the top of the crash too. Carefully - VERY carefully roll the cover over and onto the endsheet.
I didn't realize how critical this part is and how difficult. Be VERY particular, because once you've rolled that cover over and onto the endsheet you will not want to lift it back off. Messy, messy and you are more than likely going to tear something.

Flip and repeat to back side. 

Insert a piece of wax paper between cover and  the loose endsheet. Then, under the wax paper, place a piece of heavier-weight paper. This one is to absorb the moisture so you don't get warping.  Do this to BOTH sides.

Now weight it all down (.more than one weight would ahve been nice), and let dry.

Want to know what's on deck?

Here is sneak peek at my next project! 

Curious? Go here; see if you can guess where I'm headed . . .

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