Monday, March 28, 2011

Things Lowes needs to fix

Hi, my name is Alexis and I am taking over my mom's blog today, because I went to Lowes with my dad and, well just, here it is:

Thirteen things that Lowe's needs to work on.

1.  You can't just sell everything already made, you have to let the people make some stuff on their own.
2.   Expensive doors.
3.   Weird color on most doors.
4.   Glass on doors weird.
5.   Rugs need to be more soft.
6.   Hello, enrtertain kids.
7.   Work on making the lights prettier.
8.   Pink ,blue,and green wires. Really?
9.   Old people stuff. Come on, that's all you have?
10. Cotton lamp, ew.
11. White fan, ew.
12. Weird blinds.
13. Leperchaun day is over. Get the decorations off.


That's all.

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