Monday, March 21, 2011

Decorating the Naked Book

Why Naked Book? Because there is no cloth covering on these boards!

Decorating the Boards


Lined (and now dry) cover
Flat brush
Modeling Paste
Various stuff to make impressions in paste
Acrylic paints, variety
Bowls for mixing paints
Metallic Rub'n Buff paint
Cotton cloth
Rennaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish

Paint a layer of Gesso on front and back of cover. You don't have to paint on the INSIDE of the spine, but DO paint the OUTSIDE of the cover.
 Apply Modeling Paste to the outside of the cover.

Not too thick.

Now, with your assembled 'things to make impressions' start playing in the paste!

Make sure you get a thin layer of modeling paste on the spine. If I were doing this one over, I would do a lighter layer on that spine.

Also make sure you are not getting paste on the inside of your cover.

DO get the edges of your cover.

Let dry, thoroughly.  Sand rough spots when dry.

 Assemble what acrylic paints you want. A touch of metallic is fun too!

You are going to mix enough water in a bowl with your paint to bring it to a milk-like consistancy.

You will apply a WASH of color with a wet sponge.

Remember: With a wash, start with the lightest colors FIRST. Build your color up.

Half way done...

 When acrylic is dry, buff a VERY TINY amount of metallic polish with a cotton cloth.

WARNING: a little goes a LONG way.

 To protect acrylic, rub a tiny (very tiny) amount of Renaissance Micro Crystalline Wax with another cotton cloth.

A preview... the finished books from our workshop!

Next: The last step... Setting the text block in the cover.

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