Monday, March 21, 2011

Assembling the Cover, Finishing the Signature

We have a bit of finishing to do before we can get to decorating the boards...

Finishing off the Text Block and Assembling the Cover


Crash or Muslin
Finished signature
Waste Paper
End papers
PVA glue
Small brush
Liner Paper
Lined cover boards

Apply PVA glue to the flattened spine of your text block.

Line up crash (or you can use muslin) and glue to the spine of the text block.

Tipping in the endsheets...

The endsheets shown here are already folded in half.

Using the straight edge of a waste paper (the green paper here) apply PVA glue to the exposed edge of the folded endsheet.

Always brush OUT, off the waste paper and onto your surface to be glued.

This prevents glue from being swept underneath the waste paper edge and onto paper you don't want glue on.

Lift off waste paper.

Flip over the end sheet (glue side down)

Lifting up the crash, you don't want it glued down yet, line up and tip in the endsheet.

Repeat process for the second endsheet.
Both endsheets are tipped in and you are ready for the next step...

Applying the Liner to the Cover Boards

We are using this liner inside out.

Fold in the head and foot so it measures the same height as your text block.

Glue down the folded flaps

Round the liner paper over your spine.  Even up both top and bottom.

Line up your cover boards over the liner. Text block is still inside.

Mark with a pencil the glue lines - where your cover boards end and your liner/spine sticks out.

Place wax paper over the crash, you don't want glue on any of the text block yet.

Now brush PVA glue on the liner, adhere the cover boards. Weight and dry.

At some point here you want to trim your endsheets to match your signatures. A metal edged ruler/straight edge and a good blade are highly recommended.

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