Thursday, July 24, 2008

Complications - - but doing OK

Hello everybody!

So long story, but I'll try to tell it :)

I am still in the hospital, the 2-3 day stay is now looking like an 8 day stay.

I am doing well, just had some problems the day after the fusion. I developed some right leg numbness, my back has only ever affected the left leg, never the right.

My foot started to feel wooden, all the way down from my mid-back to my big toe.

I spent Tuesday night getting a CT scan and MRI done. Wednesday morning it was decided that they needed to open me back up and do a wound exploration and debridement (is that the right word??) Anyway, 48 hours after the fusion I was back in the OR.

The Dr. removed some tissue from the spinal canal, there was edema and swelling. I had lost a lot of blood from the drain and my hematicrit was at 26 (normal is 40 and above), So I ended up having to get 2 units of blood during the 2 hour surgery. The Dr. also removed all the BMP (Bone growth hormone) from the fusion. While none of these things could be directly linked to the numbness, I get the feeling that the Dr. thinks I was having an allergic reaction to the hormone.

I feel good about the surgery, I got lots of anti-nausea meds before the pain meds could make me too sick. The right leg is still very numb, but the numbness has stopped spreading.

Also, and this is awesome - it is the RIGHT leg that is numb - the bad ankle! It couldn't have been better if it had been planned. To not be limping on an aching ankle while I am trying to recover from back surgery - honestly, the stars must be lined up for me.

Whew, it does take it out of me to concentrate and type , I'll sign off now -

Hugs to you all!


Marianne said...

Amy! You are such an amazing lady! Always finding the positive in every situation and in every person you meet. Take care, dear friend. Marianne

Scrapbook Princess said...

Hugs to you Amy!!!! I hope things start to un-numb for you :)

I think the rule after any surgery is you can eat all the ice cream you want, so go for it!

Gardner Family said...

Oh my gosh! I am so happy you are okay! That is so scary that your blood dropped so low! You are in our prayers! Which hospital are you at?
:) Leah Gardner and Fam

~ Amy W ~ said...

Leah - Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

Thank you everyone for the prayers and thoughts