Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doing good

Real quick, as I am just 24 hours post-op:

Doing great. Been up and walking 4 times.

Have had lots of nausea problems, but the pain right now is less than what I was living with on a daily basis before the surgery.

They did do a 2 level fusion, just as planned. The Dr. said that it was just as bad as we thought, but not worse. The next level up is very likely going to be a problem in the future, but for now he just did the 2 levels.

Dr. said that I'll be in here for 4 to 5 days.

Oops, spoke too soon. Just got my Oxygen levels checked, I'm low, so now I have to go back on it. I'd been off it all day.

Too bad I don't have my camera and cord, I could post a photo of my view. I think you all might be able to manage a visual though - picture hospital ceiling and walls from flat on your back :)

Hugs all, I'll be up and running soon I'm sure!


The Paw's said...

glad to hear you are doing well! I could bring my camera and take some pictures and post them for you :) ha ha! I'm sure that's what you want right?

scrappermimi said...

Glad to hear the pain is less already...going in the right direction for sure!

Here are hugs to a quick recovery!

Penny B. said...

So glad the surgery went as planned and that your pain is less already! Here's hoping the next few days go by quickly!

Rachael said...

Thinking of you, Amy!!! I hope it's a speedy recovery!

Gardner Family said...

I hope you are back on your feet and pain free soon! Let me know when you are feeling up to visitors at your house! LeAnne Algee and I want to come say hi!
Thinking of you ~ Leah Gardner