Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bad News

Okay, I have been avoiding this post.

Last week I got the results of my Discogram (where they inject dye in the discs in your back to see the extent of the damage in there) and the news is kind of bad.

I've known that my back has been bad since the accident. I've just tried really hard to ignore it.

Unless some kind of miracle happens in the next two weeks though, I'm afraid my time has run out. I am scheduled for a fusion (PLIF, for the technical term) on 2 discs and the third one isn't very far behind. The Dr. did say that if he got in there and the second disc was fabulous, he would only do the one. There is a chance that he'll do all three though.

On the other hand, since my over-riding coping philosophy is "Ignore it and it will go away", I fully intend to make good use of my time off.

I took a BYU workshop last week : Writing for Young Readers and I am so psyched about writing! I have ideas just percolating in my brain. I have been using every spare moment to write it all down.

My worry right now is that I have SO many ideas and SO many different styles! From non-fiction, informational picture books, Fantasy/Sci Fi middle grade novels, Adventure novels, Fingerplay and Laptime/Storytime stuff, to stories set to Classical music.

My goal is to have at least one picture book manuscript (it's already done and I'm procratistinating about sending it off to my workshop teacher for a final review - I have to stew on it for a few days) and one partial chapter book manuscript and a series proposal ready to send off to the agents and editors before I go in for surgery.

Do think I'm keeping myself busy enough? LOL!

In between all the above I AM jotting down all the stuff I have to get prepped before surgery. Sheesh, kind of humbling to think I'll be so dependent for so long of a time afterwards. From what I read it could be 3 months before I'm allowed to drive again.

Anyway, kind of a long non-picture post, sorry you all. I'll see what I can do to remedy that soon.
I will keep you all updated and I will still be doing some scrapping I'm sure :) Can't keep these hands still.


The Paw's said...

Yuck! Whenever I start reading I want to write, but I never know what to write about so the fact you have so many options is impressive to me.

Penny B. said...

Amy, I'm sorry about the upcoming surgery. It sounds like you are using your anxiety in a very good way though! Just writing something to completion is an amazing feat - be proud of yourself!! Sending them off into the big wide world of criticism is hard to do, but know that just become an agent doesn't like a book doesn't mean it isn't good. It just takes that one special agent who has faith in you...and you keep looking until you find that. Your interests are very wide-ranging and that's a good thing! Keep on writing it down. Good luck to you!

Penny B. said...

Oops..that should have been
"because an agent" in my previous post!

~ Amy W ~ said...

') Penny, I figured.

p.s. I have talked to this particular agent in person at the conference, along with the editors. They have been incredibly supportive and nice - so far! LOL!

Rachael said...

Amy, I'm so sorry!!

I am glad to see that you have lots of things to keep you busy, though! Good luck to you!!!

BrendaB said...

Amy - wishing you good luck with your surgery. I had a spinal fusion almost 30 years ago and have had absolutely no pain since then (and the pain beforehand was awful!). Hope your surgery goes well and you're pain free!