Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stock Parade!

Well, I totally forgot about the Annual Lehi Rodeo Days parades starting tonight! Three parades in three days, Horse parade tonight, Children's Parade tomorrow night and Big Float Parade Saturday morning. Rodeos all three nights too.

Photo Op sooner than I thought :)

The Haul!

Lex is currently experiencing her first Rodeo right now. The tickets sold out while I was parking the truck. Good thing Grandpa E and Lex made it in :) Now I get avoid the hard seats, heat and dust and just pick them up at the gate at the end! Couldn't have planned it better if I had tried!

p.s. I knew I should try to go when, after I asked Lex if she wanted to go to the Rodeo and she asked, "What's a Rodeo?" - that's MY kid asking that! I've not only been, but rode in the rodeos! Holy cow, I have totally neglected teaching my child about her heritage!


Scrapbook Princess said...

That last picture is just priceless. Who is that little girl, she just looks like she is in heaven!!!

~ Amy W ~ said...

It's Lex and her cousins :) (my sister's girls)

scrappermimi said...

What adorable photos! Sounds like you need to be showing her some pictures of you riding!

Finger crossed for your surgery!

Dee said...

I'm sooo bummed I missed that parade! I LOVE parades!