Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wool Scarf Project Kit

Talk about a FABULOUS Handmade Gift for Christmas!

I got this Felted Wool Scarf kit from IL2C, ~

Oh my oh my!!!! I did it and it was fast and fabulous and so easy!!!

Look at this scarf! The Merino wool (tho' it's WAY too soft an silky to be called wool) is a dream to look at and touch. Look at the shine I've got here!

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I LOVE LOVE the crinkles I've got in it from wringing it out when I was done. I totally unwrapped the scarf and then just smooshed it all up and squeezed it dry.

You would not believe how easy this was to do too. But seriously, it was less than an hour from start to the end.

My mind is just bursting with altered versions of scarfs now (double-length, can I braid a design in it? Oh the ideas are just about endless! Oh and that doesn't even begin on the felted embellishments I can add!!! I WILL keep you posted with the ideas as soon as I create them!

I will be buying up all the extra roving I can get my hands on now. This is the ultimate best ever handmade gift!


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Tineke said...

This looks so beautiful. Wouw!!!