Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Traditions

So, what are your Christmas Traditions?

Do you have a tradition that's been handed down several generations?

Has your family started a new tradition?

For many years now my Dear Hubby has put up the tree with the kids while I've been gone to work. I've worked either the Friday or the Saturday after Thanksgiving for at least 18 years now.

Well, this year was no different; I came home yesterday to, you guessed it, a decorated tree...

Lexy was the tree elf this year and didn't do too bad for her first attempt at decorating! What a cutie. Of course, she has a bit of her mother in her and as she was showing me how she did it, she of course had to re-arrange a few ornaments. Perfect snapshot op!
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According to Lex she hung the ornaments while daddy did the "hook'rs" ~ don't say that out loud. I think it was 10 minutes before I could stop laughing at that one!


Trish said...

Lexi is so cute!

Thanks for sharing your family tradition!

We are still coming up with ours.

scrappermimi said...

So sweet!

Spending time with my family at Christmas is the best tradition of all!

Tineke said...

What a big help she is:-). She is such a sweetie.

jadadog said...

ROFL, about daddy doin the hookers!!!! she is a sweetie!

Rachael said...

LOL Love the "hook"ers!! LOL