Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ack! The Mojo went to my other blog! LOL!

So, I spent all week working on a Thanksgiving storytime on my other blog! You would not believe how much time goes into preparing a simple 30 minute storytime - whew!

I really think you should click over and check it out, you can really see how much of a crazy person I really am, I really am you know, crazy that is. No denyin' it.

I can report that the storytime went off fabulously (in my humble opinion) we had a very fun filled morning at Lexy's school and I'm crossing my fingers hoping we have a storyteller cancel next Tuesday or Wednesday so I can repeat it! Nuts, I know!

So, I'm spending the little bits of today's leftover time on attempting to finish some last projects before 'THE DECEMBER KIT' consumes me...

Hmm, gotta have some pictures... give me a sec

Here you go - my current FAV in progress project - just a snippet until I get it done. Sorry to be a tease, but I do get to be a stickler for not showing things until they are done - don't want to spoil it entirely...


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