Friday, October 26, 2007

Yep, she was sick alright...

Tonsilitis, Bronchitis, a touch of Pneumonia and even though the strep test came back negative the Dr. didn't seem to trust that he got a good swab.

So, yep, now she is on major antibiotics and is already doing much better - whew.

On the other hand...


3 Layouts just awaiting final touches, several card ideas, I'm still debating if I want to do a card or a gift item for the holidays :)

...keep watching, I'll look at posting a few sketch previews this weekend.

Oh, and take a look at this photo of my awesome DH - who is back in town after a work trip. Can you tell I missed him?

Take a look. Is this work??? I think he had a bit of fun too. He did get to spend some hiking time with his brother that lives in the Southern most reaches of Utah

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1 comment:

jadadog said...

awww...poor Lexy! Your photo and hubby are beautiful!!!