Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tagged again...

My roommate and I once: I've never had a room mate, unless you count my sisters growing up.

Never in my life have I: traveled to Egypt. It's one place DH and I both want to go to - eventually.

High school was : So darn long ago!

When I'm nervous : I can't help but laugh. I wish I could change that, it's so inappropriate!

My hair : very straight today. I woke up late and did not take the time curl it.

When I was 5 : I lived in California, I was tan tan tan and very blonde. My dad would soon be leaving for Vietnam.

When I turn my head left : That I really should get a haircut soon.

I should be : Spending time with my parents in the canyon at the cabin.

By this time next year : I hope I am unpacked and that my garden is doing great things.

My favorite aunt is : Oh, eek, I can't have a favorite! I love them all, each are so different from the other that I can't just pick. Although I have a special place in my heart for my Aunt Glenda.

I have a hard time understanding : WHY gas prices are stinkin' high!

You know I like you if : I take time out of my schedule to be with you. I hate that I am so busy when I think of all my friends I don't get to spend time with.

My ideal breakfast is : Cookies and a Diet Pepsi with a side of vitamins!

If you visit my home town : I'll take you to the Rodeo that's happening this week!

If you spend the night at my house : You can have the guest bedroom with the great view over the lake! I'll even take you on a daytrip to the cabin in Fairview. Oh, and we would HAVE to do all the LSS's ;)

My favorite blonde is : My kids and DH! Well, there WERE all blonds at one time.

My favorite brunette is : The little girl who sat next to me in Kindergarten. I've wanted to be a burnette since then!

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : I love the book Tuesday by Wiesner, I think it would have to be frogs.

I shouldn't have been : so darn meek at my last dr. visit! I really need to get a backbone when I see these guys!
Last night I: picked up Lexy from my dad and she was COVERED in DIRT! Even though she was in a skirt and a NEW shirt! She still looked so adorable though.

A better name for me would be : CRAZY~

I've been told I look like : Hmm, I guess Teri Garr? But that's been SO many years ago.

If I could have any car, it would be : A JAGUAR!

I am tagging:
is there anyone left???

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