Friday, June 29, 2007

More Studio Views

Oh, it feels SO GOOD! I finally finished building my Stamp Shelf Organizer in my Studio Closet and I got more boxes emptied and put away. Ah, relief!

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Here is the 'wall' I made, inside it there are 3 shelves, 12" apart, 15" deep, 15" wide, that hold all my stamp sets. Oh, Okay, so I exaggerated - those three shelves do NOT hold ALL my stamp sets, I did sell Stampin' Up for what, 3, maybe 4 years! But I haven't come across those boxes in my unpacking yet, so out of site, out of mind (and I'll just think of alternatives when I DO find them!). On the other hand, my Stamp-n-Store bag fits nicely underneath on the floor.

What you see facing you are 6 'single stamp' mini shelves that I was cursing as I made them! It was a great idea, but I got some kind of plastic-like board for the support and it kept splitting - even with little tiny finish nails. I WILL be altering them, make them look all cool and artsy, but also covering up all those bent nails and hammer marks!

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This is the 'Work Counter' I made in the closet. It's a 24" wide Melamine board that I had Home Depot 'rip' (cut longwise) to 20" wide. It is supported by 3 heavy duty angle brackets. This is where I do all my cutting, pounding and die-cutting. All the messy stuff. I think I need a little stool in here to complete things.

Looking above the work counter you will see my alphabetized-by-manufacturer, but as yet, still messy Paper Stash! This 15" deep shelf (and 15" tall) is also supported by 3 heavy duty angle shelf brackets.

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Now, look at this! This is what the closet looks like from the OUTSIDE! Ain't it great!? NO MESS! DH probably wasn't terribly happy about my removing the closet door, but oh, I LOVE it! When I get tired of going in and out of the bamboo curtain, I just pull it back with some ties. So far the cats and Lexy love it almost more than I do.

...Coming Soon, the South wall! I've got to move a small dresser up and into the closet - soon though, very soon.


Trish said...

I love it, love it!

Rachael said...

So awesome!! So jealous too!!

LOVE that bamboo curtain!

scrappermimi said...

What an awesome room!