Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I've got a Webpage!

Okay, before you get too excited - this is a webpage I created under a different 'hat', in other words, it's based on my over 11 years of experience as a librarian in a children's library.

Keep in mind - I've only just started this - a lot of proofing and error checking needs to still happen...

Laptime and Storytime

It has only been in existance for a few hours now, not even a full half of a day - but I'm not really one to sit on my hands when I get excited about something! Gotta get to it while the adrenaline is rushing!

It will be growing by leaps and bounds over the next few weeks as I add all my years of research, lists and links. Believe me, I've done a LOT.

I also intend to keep it updated on a very regular basis. I'm always learning something new and I love LOVE sharing!

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