Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Always ALWAYS carry your camera!

This will teach me!

I only just left my camera at work, I left after 9 pm and had to be back by 9 am. I thought, I can do without it overnight. NOT!

It snowed last night - like 4 to 5 wet soaking but still fluffy inches. It was a wind-less night. Can I just tell you that the trees on the way to work were AMAZINGLY beautiful. Ever pine needle, every limb - fluffily outlined in a coat of snow. Green grass poking up through a white topping of snow. You only get shots like this once every few years - AND I MISSED IT!!!

Now I'm praying for another dousing tonight, today - anytime SOON. I just really, REALLY want to capture a snapshot of some tulip trees in gorgeous bloom, topped with beautiful snow.

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edith turk said...

Excellent advice!! Sometimes I get lazy, and think, "Oh, I don't feel like carrying that thing around..." But let me tell you, I almost ALWAYS regret that decision!