Sunday, March 03, 2013


My boys, my boys, and one little girl . . .

They may be off and living on their own, and some of this is just old memories coming up from the past, but I do love them. Think of them and wish I saw more of them.

My first flyboy is headed back out to work tonight after almost 6 months off work following an unfortunate back breaking accident. The accident, yes, from flying--not airline flying, (which is what he is finally headed back out to do) but a paragliding accident.

Digital editing of photos
This one knew from the age of 2 he wanted to fly. I thought he might have forgotten during the elementary years, but then came Jr. High Career Day--
First career on his list: Get married (I know--how funny is that!)
Second thing on his list: Pilot.

The second flyboy, is still doing just fine, still working the Cloud9 shop and launching paragliders whenever the weather permits. He wasn't flying today -- or, well, unless you consider flying downhill (along with a few other tumbling incidents) as flying.

In Justin's defense, it was a heavy spring rain/snow day (you can see that the weather wasn't the best) and he really did do some great spins that I took as well, it's just this one keeps cracking me up. And, it was the first video I captured of the day. Great way to start.

(Lex is the one in purple. This is her first year of actual skiing and snowboarding.)

Yes, we like to have some good old family fun.

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