Monday, March 11, 2013

A Loss of Taste

Recently, I lost my sense of taste.

Evidently, through the course of a sinus surgery, and tonsillectomy--yes, at my age, I had to have my tonsils out--I lost my ability to taste most foods. Thankfully, I can still smell.

Now, if a loss of taste were on the menu for weight-loss methods, I don't know that I would have chosen it.

But, I will use it.

I seem to be dropping a pound or two a week. Not bad. Until you consider what I was forced to give up; not just the loss of eating food in the course of a diet, but also the decided disadvantage of not being able to savor the juicy tang of a nectarine, the melting deliciousness of an icecream sundae, or the oh-so-divine Cadbury Mini Eggs that are back on store shelves for the upcoming Easter holiday.

All of it. Gone.

I'm handling it. I can do this. It very likely will come back. My taste buds might repair and come back. Eventually.

It's been 3 months already.
All that said,  I must add that a loss of taste, in no way has affected my taste for life. I have to tell you, the 40's are AWESOME!

Every day I find more of who I am, what I love and an increased ability to accomplish what I desire.

It's debatable if my sense of taste--my style sense--was in any way impaired or altered, either by my lack of taste-ability, or my zest for life-ability.  As evidenced by my posting of this photo--I kind of look like a dork--I just don't have much besides skiing pictures at the moment.

To wrap up, for the more curious folks:

A loss of taste is interesting. I can feel heat, as in jalapeno heat. I can feel mint. But I can't tell if I have bad breath. I hate that part. I'm an annoying gum chewer.

I find that cold, sweet items are gag-inducing gross. Chocolate is a tasteless waxy coating in my mouth.

I can almost, just almost, taste a savory, juicy, warm pot roast. Salt and vinegar chips, on the tip of my tongue have become a favorite, as I can feel the vinegar and salt. Although, as soon as it gets to the back of my tongue, it might as well be chewed up cardboard.

Along with taste, I have lost the brain connection between hunger and food. I almost always feel hungry, but I don't crave food. I have the hardest time associating eating as the way to end the hunger. I no longer get that burst of flavor reward that has you reaching into a bag of cookies or chips for 'just one more'. I eat because I have to. Nothing satisfies and despite some cravings for something, anything, to light up that reward center again, I never find it.

I do have one flavor that I can taste... bitter. There is an almost constant bitter taste on either side of my tongue that I am forever trying to drown with water, soda, tea --anything to wash it away.

For now, I savor those moments of smell; from warm cookies to a fresh-cut apple, from a piping hot wasabi burger to having a Wal-mart mountain of pastel packaged marshmallows stop me dead in my tracks.

I just wish I'd know that my last taste of chocolate was going to be my last taste of chocolate.

WARNING: Be wary of any and all Pinterest repins that are on my Food and Cooking board. I pin for looks and possibilities, no longer do I pin food items for taste.

Double p.s.
I do have hope. I am saving a Milky Way bar--this exact bar, the one I was resisting until Christmas--for that day when I get my taste back. I know it will be stale. It's what it represents at this point.


Rachel said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through this! It's like that horrible "Would you rather" question of which sense you would live without. I can't imagine not tasting chocolate but I am sure that it does help dieting! I hope you get your taste back ASAP, those cadbury eggs won't be on the shelves forever!


~ Amy W ~ said...

Thank you for your comments Rachel.
It is hard at times. Funny thing- last week I baked Blueberry and Banana breads and when I licked the toothpick I used to test the done-ness, I immediately thought--how horrible! These breads are ruined! What did I mess up in the recipe??? Halfway through reviewing the recipes I had the 'duh moment of -- well of course it's gross, I have no taste!! LOL!