Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finishing up George,

the stuffed dog who wanted to be a real puppet . . .

When we left, George was an eating puppet, but not a talking puppet. Time to make George talk!

 Sew another bag, this one does not have to be wide like the stomach.

Long and skinny.

Sew all 4 sides - a tube with no opening
 I wanted to support George's mouth a bit better - use heavy poster board or cardboard.

Trace the shape of his jaw and adhesive it inside his mouth.
 Now for a very tricky part, click on the photo to enlarge it and look at it closer. I've cut a slit in the bag.


Snake one half to the top of George's mouth, tack it in. 

Take the other half and snake it under the stomach and tack into the lower jaw.

The stomach will be sandwiched by the two halves.

Sew the openings together - if you look closely you can see where the fold is.

 And now it's done folks.

Hmmm, what if I sewed some fake 'chunks' in the lining of the stomach, that way if it ever turns inside out, in the middle of the storytelling, I can really gross out those scouts that come in wanting a tour and a story ;) Maybe not. You can't say I don't think like the kids I help everyday though!

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