Sunday, March 30, 2008


As for the rest of life, I'm hanging in there. Keeping too busy to do much.

Being a suddenly single parent (temporary as it may be) is a challenge!

There is no 'extra' somebody to do the grocery shopping while I help with homework, there is no extra helper to fold laundry while I'm cooking dinner. No extra partner there to even just help decide what projects need doing today.

Lex is enjoying my undivided attention for now. She has me all to herself. And I, of course, pay her the attention instead of doing all my normal projects that I used to be able to do.

Anyway, it's all an adjustment and I'm sure it will get figured out eventually. I just need to make sure I've got some creative time. I get very cranky and fidgity and even a tad unhinged if I don't release some of my pent-up energy in a creative constructive way.

Oh - hey BIG NEWS!!!

Lex and I are headed EAST FOR SPRING BREAK!!!!

We are starting in Virginia, then driving up through Pennsylvania, New York and wherever else we need to so that we end up in Connecticut! Then back down to Virginia before we leave 10 days later!

It's going to be FANTASTIC!

Two of my sisters and their families are in VA & CT, hence the destinations :)

If you've got recommendations of things we absolutely HAVE to make time for, do tell!

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