Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home from the Hospital

I'm Home!!

It was a rough morning, started with a real bad bout of nausea, but after a phenegren (sp?) shot I managed the ride home very well.

I've been given some exercises to do for this right leg that isn't working too well. According to the therapy records they have down that a hemorhage is the culprit - makes sense as I did lose a lot of blood after that first surgery, I'm sure I did something when I was so nauseated and 'tossing cookies' that first night. It explains the need for the units of blood too. I think the Dr. might still be debating whether is was that or an allergic reaction to the BMP (bone growth hormone) that they used in the fusion. In any case, they halted the progression of the numbness with that second surgery and I'm feeling happy happy!

My mother stayed with me, my sisters came over and it was a very nice to be out of the hospital.

Now I get to figure out how to do things here at home. A challenge to say the least! I'm up for it though :)


Penny B. said...

Welcome home!!

The Paw's said...

Glad you are finally home! If you need help keeping Lex entertained feel free to sent her over.

tiffany knox said...

my goodness I have missed a lot. Im sorry you are going through this.. we'll have to cheer you up soon. I will be home in a few weeks or less!

Trish said...

I have been thinking about you!

Hope you are feeling better!

BrendaB said...

I've been wondering how you were doing, Amy. I'm glad you're done with the surgery and back home. Hopefully the exercises and rehab are going well. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!

Rachael said...

Glad you are home!! Hope you are well on your way to recovery!!!

Take care of you!

Gardner Family said...

Thinking of you. :) Hope your recovery is going well!