Friday, April 25, 2008

Another week gone down

Well, just updated my previous 'Family' album (scroll down to see them) post with more photos - I just could not leave the thing alone ;) had to just keep adding to it! Can you say addicted?

I may or may not be around for a while... depends on the outcome of the upcoming discogram on my back and 3rd ankle surgery next week.

If I can tolerate it and my brain isn't too addled with post surgery brainlessness, then I'm sure I'll be online a lot. On the other hand, if I can't sit, or the anesthesia hangs on a bit, I might be MIA.

At the very least I'll be out checking all YOUR blogs! So get posting so I have lots of reading material!

Oh, - I DO have a new TOY! I finally got Adobe Elements! I've been converting all my old 35MM negatives to CD and I'm going to have some FUN! Hey I have to have SOMETHING to get my mind off things :)

I might manage some more projects over the weekend, but just in case...

See ya, and I love ya all!


Scrapbook Princess said...

Good luck with all your tests and surgery. I hope things go well for you.

Congrats on PSE, now the fun starts!
I will do some more befores and afters for you to read while you recover!! I hope to see the same :)

Hugs to you and I will be thinking of you~

Trish said...

Good Luck with all the testing and surgery!

Hope you enjoy PSE!

Love your mini book too!

Rachael said...

Good luck, Amy!! I'm thinking of you!!!

Have fun photoshopping!