Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Something is missing...

I'm feeling it.

Just a little something is missing today.

It's a deadline. Yep, usually today (the 26th or so) is the Design Team's last day to get the kit projects done for the upcoming newsletter. No more IL2C Design Team deadlines, no more kits. It's actually hitting me today.

So, for all those kits, all those years, all those memories - goodbye and so long. It was a fabulous, creative and wonderful time that I shall never forget.

Now, in the theme of new beginnings - it's off to gather some 'year in review' photos for posting (stay tuned) and off to make some New Years Resolutions and Goals for the upcoming year.


Scrapbook Princess said...

I am so with you on feeling like something just isn't right. I really will miss the kits. Most of all I am going to miss all of your (the DT) work!!!

DIANE said...

I know exactly what you mean. When I took the month off from DT assignments a few months ago, it was a major shock to my system. Knowing that it is over for good is so heartbreaking. One more reason to throw ourselves into creating art.