Thursday, December 27, 2007

I don't get it...

How DOES this stuff multiply like this?

I'm talking about unpacking from our move. Yes, I know, it's been over 6 months already. But hey, at the last house, I unpacked the last box just one month before selling the house unexpectedly. It's not like I didn't have enough time or anything, we were only there for over 10 years.

Egads - look at this!


And, I'm not even going to show my once beautiful room, overloaded and packed with stuff I need to find room for.

How have we ever collected so many photos and framed art? This photo is only the tip of it.

Oh, DH is sure gonna blow a gasket when I tell him I need to buy a few more things to balance out the arrangements I have in mind. At least I'm a super bargain shopper. And what I can't buy I can alter from something old.

Here is an arrangement I've started.


Maybe someday I'll be as happy with the whole house as I am with this one wall here...


Maybe - all I can do is hope ;)


scrappermimi said...

So funny, we have boxes from our move that we have never opened. Why we keep them I have no idea, but we do! Good luck with the arrangements!

The Paw's said...

Amy, I've looked over your blog and to be honest, I don't even understand most of it! I never knew you were so crafty, that's such a foreign language to me. We don't have one thing hung up on our walls yet, not one. We are still working on just painting the walls. And yes, we still have a basement FULL of boxes.