Monday, December 03, 2007

SNOW & Festival of Trees


We came downstairs to head off to the babysitter and off to work when SURPRISE!!

We got SNOW! Fresh white powdery SNOW! There is NOT a better way to start December than this.

Deep breath, snap a few photos and then (darn it) it's off to work for the day :(
(You can't even see across the lake the clouds are still so low)

We did have a bit of fun this week... here are some of my favorite Festival of Trees trees. I hope it was okay to photograph these, I didn't see any signs to the contrary, but I also didn't see any other photographers. Oh well, too late.

For your enjoyment:

The UPSIDE DOWN Christmas Tree (huh?)

The POLAR EXPRESS Christmas Tree (YEAH!)

One of my Favorites...
(ScrEwed up Christmas, a handyman's dream)

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