Monday, September 17, 2007

Egadzukes! A bit of truth

Okay, I have to explain something here:

Most of my family and friends think I am some kind of superwoman who works full time, crafts every minute of every day, knows tons of book recommendations, still keeps a fairly clean house and even now has a fabulous yard - basically doing 48 hours of stuff every day. I admit, I'm a tad hyper, but...

Well, the ugly truth is:

I'm also so so tired/guilt ridden/overwhelmed/discouraged - you pick, they all fit.

I am not a superwoman. I do forget to scoop the cat litter (luckily I've got a great DH that gets to it if I don't), I space on the bills sometimes, I've totally neglected my notes and medical record-keeping from my accident, I don't have an equal number of scrapbook pages done for each child, and I seriously would rather go hungry than have to cook dinner, and the list could go on and on.

(((deep breath)))

But, ever the optimist. I will plug away at my never ending lists. I will create joy and feelings of accomplishment by getting things done. I will be satisfied, at the end of my life, that, even if I have not accomplished all I set out to do, at least I did the best I could do at the time.

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(I'm trying to track down the source of this photo I used for an ATC card - I just fell in love with it and it was so perfect)


jadadog said...

Oh Amy! I couldn't admire you more! Not only are you superwoman, you are REAL! YOu just admitted to having FEELINGS! A trait so wonderful could never come under the guise of negative...I admire you for always being genuine (and optimistic)!

Marianne said...

Amy, whatever you touch, whatever you do always brings joy to those you work with, your friends and your loved ones. There are those of us who have always worried about you doing too much... take time for yourself, okay, friend. And the source of that picture is from microsoft digital imaging - I've always loved it.