Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bubble Face and New Glasses



There IS a bubble beard here, at least if you look closely ;)

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Lexy loves doing the dishes, or is it PLAYING in the dishes? I'll leave it to you to decide.

I didn't want the following picture to be at the TOP of the page, hence leading out with the photo of Lex.


New Glasses - always a difficult day.

I dare you, just try picking out a new pair of glasses when you had to remove your contacts for the exam, get your eyes dilated and only afterwards do you myopically squint through fingerprint covered sample frames into slim vertical bits of mirror to assess the suitability of new frames that you then have to live with for at least a year. yurgh!

So, now, I've got new glasses. Despite Lex being in vehement denial; "NO! You don't look like my MOM!

I'm almost tempted to say the same thing when I look in the mirror - who is that person anyway? Or is it the age showing that puts ME in vehement denial? At least glasses mask the impending crows feet, the dark circles under my eyes and the occasional pimple! Okay, let's be honest, more than occasional. What is this with not outgrowing that?! At the ripening age of 41 too! You would think there would be some compensation for growing older.

What is this with all the getting older stuff detour you might ask? Yes, it was my birthday this last week. NO, I'm not turning 42, I did say last week, as in the past and I did turn 41 already. Don't make me older than I already am!

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Coming soon: Upcoming: Child of my self, is there such a thing as Genetic Osmosis?


Scrapbook Princess said...

Lexi is just so cute!!! I still think you look great in your glasses!

Trish said...

That Lexi is priceless! I love your new glasses!

Anonymous said...

Lexy looks SO freakin cute in this picture! And i really do like your glasses a lot! They look really cute on you!

Rachael said...

Love those spectacles!! Lexi is so cute!

Love the kitchen too!