Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm certifiable I'm sure...

Oh my.

Too tired to say much more.

If I ever want to move again, remind me how INSANE I must be to even start to consider it! If I ever move again I'm hiring it out! And we have not even really started the move - urgh.

Cute pictures of Lexy reading to the little kittens - ain't it adorable?
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Oh, and here is Justin, my DS#2 and his new car ;) He's so proud of himself - can you tell? LOL!
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Thought I would take a moment and do Lisa's blog challenge: list the last 5 things you do before you head out the door.

1- Make the bed
2- Check on the cats (food, water, are they in the house)
3- Make sure I have a cold Diet Pepsi for the drive, along with my multivitamin for breakfast.
4- Grab my work bag, Lexy's bag and my keys along with anything else I've set out to take.
5- I almost always have to go back in for something I forgot - lunch, jacket, books, brain ;)


jadadog said...'re it! See my blog!

Rachael said...

She is so sweet reading to the cats!

Trish said...

so cute reading to the kittens!