Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sneak Peek at the June kit!

Guess what I have been up to... (no, don't say 'no good'! LOL!!!)

Let me start at the beginning:

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Amy saw a magazine ad for a Waxed Tote.
Amy really wanted it.
Amy is buying a house and is now broke.
Amy can't afford 95.00 for a tote bag, no matter how cool it is.
Amy was a good girl and found out a way to create it for pennies!

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Now you can too!

All you need is some cotton fabric, some beeswax, a few embellishments to give it just the right touch, and the June IL2C Newsletter for instructions! Oh, and a heat gun and a melting pot really helps make it easier. They aren't required, you can use a double boiler instead and I think a blow dryer might get hot enough...

Now Amy wants to go make more totes of all sizes and colors!

Oh, yeh, I've been making more than just totes...

I've been making POP UPS! As in Robert Sabuda-style Pop Ups for the inside of my cards! - Okay, I admit it, I could not resist making it more "me" - so I amend that statement: ...Robert Sabuda if he were a member of IL2C ;)

Take a peek:

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this is it upside down, so you can see inside...
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Instructions are in the June www.ILove2Create.com gallery (opens no later than June 1)

p.s. tomorrow, look for more...


Rachael said...

Lovin' that bag, Amy!!

Scrapbook Princess said...

That card is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

edith turk said...

awesome pop-up card!! I'm gonna hunt those directions down so i can make one, too!