Saturday, May 12, 2007

My fridge makes me look skinny!

Okay, this is probably the silliest reason EVER to buy a fridge!

We were writing up the paperwork on our washer and dryer we were buying. My wonderful other half asked me if I wanted to look at getting a fridge as well. We don't have one and we will be needing it by the time we move into our new house.

Well, I wasn't interested. Well, until I was standing there by the help desk, next to the refrigerators and I happen to glance in the reflection of this black fridge.

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And I'm looking GOOD there. I mean I look really good. I look...skinny... in there! Hmm, it's black. Hmm, fingerprints aren't showing up. SOLD!

Hey, there's nothing better than positive re-inforcement right!? And now everytime I go to the fridge, I'll get a glimpse of what I could look like if I just pass on by.

Yep, I'm thinking it's the best reason in the world to get one fridge over another.

1 comment:

Rachael said...

Hey, I want one of those too!

That's like the mirrors at preschool!! They make me look thinner too! LOL