Friday, April 27, 2007

Why am I online right now?

I seriously should be in bed already, but no, here I am. After midnight, and still just typing away.

While I'm here, let's post a few pictures...

the newest photo of my house
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This is what I've been doing today - cooking up some crafting ideas... Make sure you check out the May IL2C kit for details ;)
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Oh, and just wait for tomorrow - oh, that's today, it is after midnight (I forgot already!) Anyway... IT's A CYBERCRAFTING WEEKEND!!! I've been peeking at the challenges (DT priveleges and all) and I have to say, it's the best cyber weekend I've seen! Different than in the past, more open for everyone. Not so kit oriented, more craft, gift and having fun oriented! I tell ya, it's enough to make one giddy with excitement. So giddy they stay up all hours of the night, not getting their beauty sleep, not resting so they can participate... boy, do I get a bit silly this late!?!

one more thing... (I hope you don't mind Melynda... it is only a tiny peek, and it is mostly photo...)

And an I Love 2 Create teaser peek

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Rachael said...

Lookin' good!!