Thursday, April 19, 2007

Estimated Date of Completion!

We have an estimated date of completion!!!!!!!!!!

Our house, which has been under construction forever, has an estimated completion date!

May 28!

Of course, the mortgage company says that I should add a few weeks to that date. Same from the real estate agent. But still, we are closer to the end!

Here's a photo from today:
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I think my favorite thing is going to be the view. I better like it, I'll be driving around to the other side of the lake every day I work. See, way over in the distance, that city, that's Orem, where I work fulltime. Not that I live much closer right now! Of course, if they ever build a bridge my drive will go from 45 minutes to 1o. Not that it will happen in my lifetime ;)

I met also got to meet with my landscaper today. Saratoga Springs requires all front yards be fully landscaped prior to closing. They even have a minimum requirement on how many trees and shrubs. That's okay, it's needed. There is so much construction (I heard Utah County is in the top 10 nationally at 25.9% growth) so this will cut down on the dust a LOT.

I do want to have some control over my sprinkler system set-up and where those trees and bushes go though.

The landscaper said that I could draw out a plan and he would work with me on it - so, guess where my mind will be over the next few weeks! I LOVE setting up landscape ideas. It's the weeding afterward and and upkeep that kills my enthusiasm. But, if I do it right this time, maybe I can eliminate a lot of headache by planting smart :)

p.s. See that bay window there on the top floor? That's my future craft room!!!

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Tineke said...

Wouw Amy, your house looks fabulous and it's sooooo big. What a great view you have while scrapbooking in your new room. I guess you have room left for guests :-)
xoxo Tineke