Sunday, October 20, 2013

Region 1 Equestrian Vaulting Championships

We've just come back from Regionals at the Avi Casino and Resort in Nevada (near Laughlin)

Lex surprised us and did quite well. Not that we don't think she is absolutely amazing and talented, but we realize that as parents, we will feel that way no matter what the truth is. So, when she actually placed first in her Individual Freestyle, well, it came as a surprise :)

The following are compulsory moves, and many find them boring. Not me. Not Lex either. And despite the serious face, she does seem to love the hard work. This is a kid that actually cheers when her coach announces that it is a long conditioning day, ie: military style strength training. The work is paying off.

I'm amazed every time I see how physically strong she has become.

She does say that she wishes her back were more straight and more over the handles here. But I say, not bad considering a year ago it was a struggle to just get her ankles up and above the pad. I do wish I could get her smiling!

And now for her Freestyle, on Chawnie
 -- her music was Call Me Maybe

ah, here's the smile, at last!

 And my favorite picture from Nationals . . .

 Lex and Evie, Dynamo doubles as the Pink Ladies from Grease at Nationals in Denver. Aug. 2013

Oh -- and here is an old set of pictures from her 2012 Freestyle at Regionals in Vegas on the wonderful Opal.

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