Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Purses from Books -- Upcycling in the Library

Upcycled Book Purse! 

* Just a note: There are several ways of getting to the end product, and I will be demonstrating several of those ways at the upcoming Upcycling program this Saturday,Upcycling 
but for now, I only have the pictures I have. If you find a better way, then feel free to modify and do it your way.

One Way of Making a Book
into a Cute Little Purse

Prepping the Cover

Measure the fabric

Pulling the pattern for the wedge pieces
Cutting the wedges

The handle . . .
Use spray adhesive, it makes things go easier

Press ribbon into adhesive

Re-inforce the spine and the ribbon handle holders

Glue the wedge pieces shut --sooo much easier this way!

Hot Glue the wedge fabric to the cover

 *I missed a picture here, the "1/2 way through the hot gluing" that I started above . . . sorry, you'll have to use your imagination, or look at the picture below for an alternate way of assembling while hot gluing . . .

A second way to glue wedges and liner onto cover . . . 

Clasp option #1, magnetic clasp

Hot glue the back the clasp between liner and cover 
-- those magnets are STRONG.

Finishing off the inside . . .

 . . . see, this is where it goes, hot glue that piece in--right here

 And that is it!

I liked the rough, worn look of this book. 

Although, I have been contemplating adding a big flower to it. To do this, I would just pull apart a silk flower, hot glue it back togethe--without it's bulky center, glue the whole of it to a felt circle and hot glue the circle to the book. hmmm, or an artful collage of bling, flower, and fabric  . . .

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