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Puppet Puppets Puppets

Check out J.J.'s debut!

Imagine a Place
...The Center for Story

Imagine a Place... from Orem Library on Vimeo.

Who, may you ask, is J.J.?

He, among many, many others of the puppet persuasion, is a part of my grand news! Watch for a little puppet that looks just right for being a bit of troublemaker.

THE NEWS . . .
(as if a lot of you haven't already guessed it)

I, alongside two incredibly talented artists, am creating a book on puppetry.

The manuscript has been submitted, contracts were signed, and now I am, really and truly, a part of the Familius Publishing family.

I have to say, I am beyond thrilled to have an opportunity to work with Christopher and Familius*. Having listened to Christopher talk about the publishing industry, as the former CEO of Gibbs-Smith Publishing, I have been very impressed with his knowledge, his energy (those of you who know Christopher, know what I'm talking about here), and also his incredible vision.

Plus, because I'm  rather a control freak when it comes to my own vision and creative ideas, I love being able to work with someone who is beyond energetic (okay, again on the energy thing, but those of you who know me, for me to think someone else is energetic . . . this guy tops me, hands down), someone who I can explain my ideas to--which, by the way are way out there (link here to get an idea)--to be able to suggest a creative direction and feel that it just might be possible, no matter how far beyond the normal they might be. Well, it's inspiring, and yes, I'm back to this again, it's energizing.

I can't help it, one of my phrases I live by--A high tide raises all ships--is on replay in my brain as of late and it's so very true. The success of the individual is interdependent on the success of the collective whole. We are not islands to ourselves. I would not be who I am without the people who support and surround me. I would not have an understanding of the things I have learned, if I did not choose to listen to those talented and brilliant people whom I am fortunate enough to know.**

This company, this forward thinking business plan, this opportunity for creative and out of the box thinkers--that the market downturn and the upheaval inside the book publishing world has opened--is right in line with the other phrase I live by, which is: Challenges are just opportunities in disguise.

Now, if you happen to pick up my upcoming puppetry book when it is released***, you might just get the chance to find out exactly how crazy I really am . . .

* See the Familius article in Publisher's Weekly

** There is more news coming from another front, as part of another brilliant person I work with--but I can't divulge (or really start on this project) until summer.

***  Watch for our puppetry how-to website to go live, offering a lot of great content and free stuff, as we start the promotional portion of this foray into the puppet world. I will announce things via this blog, possibly my Writing blog as well and through Familius--of course.

Oh... and if you live in the Utah Valley area, come be a part of the book trailer film, as a participant in the Orem Library's Summer Puppetry Workshops.


...some extra tidbits I just found:

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