Sunday, October 17, 2010

Storytelling Festival - Favorite Quotes

I've been a little busy lately, it seems there is never enough time to do the little things like post.

Part of that busy-ness was going to Jonesborough Tennessee for the National Storytelling Festival at the beginning of October.

If you have never gone to a storytelling festival you are missing one life's treasures. Go to a good one if you can (Timpanogos or Nationals) or go to a smaller local one if you can't, no matter what, do go.

If you went, if you've seen these tellers live, you'll get a kick out of these. If you haven't seen them live, you really don't know what you are missing.

My favorite quotes from Jonesborough

...sorry, no quotes from Timpanogos - I was too busy working it to be able to sit and listen to anyone.

Donald Davis

If mom walks out, she's won. If you can't argue, you can't win.

A vacation? No-one that'd ever slid down my family tree had ever gone on one of those.

Carmen Agra Deedy

Hell's gonna be what you fear the most.

On decorum: All decorum went away with cell phones

Their family tree don't fork.

I've just turned 50, so I've left kindness and estrogen behind.

If the world goes down in flames it won't be 'cause of the stone throwers, it'll be because of the ones who do nothing.

Kevin Kling

Okie Doke

Bil Lepp

Everything in this bottle came from my garden.
Everything from my garden is in this jar.

Hot Chick: (the politically correct version) A woman of attractive descent.

Skeeter's first law of force and motion: Bodies being chased by the law tend to stay in motion.

Why light a fire with one match when you can build a fire out of matches.

Vegans so Vegan they won't say "Glad to meet you."

We were just married, but before we had kids; so we had more money than we don't have now.

Kim Weitkamp

If you an't bleedin' you ain't fishin'.

Norm, it's my aim to keep this bathroom clean. Your aim would help.

Misplaced kindness has its fruit. Even a stray seed will sprout roots and can grow.

Many a home has been burned down by burning good intentions.

Kathryn Windham

They's so sorry they ain't fit to tote guts to the buzzards.

On packing for a vacation: You're going to see, not be seen.

Disclaimer - you REALLY have to see these teller's live to appreciate their genius. These little snippets aren't near as side-splitting funny here as what you see when performed live.

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