Thursday, April 08, 2010

Pulled over for Potholes

Fun things happening over here!

First - I have to mention that I got handed the OPL Summer Reading programming (watch for the blog I'll start keeping on this!) last week. In case you are unfamiliar:

It's 20 programs that needed to be set up, planned and scheduled by this Friday.

We have over 2,000 kids sign up for Summer Reading.

These are full on, 45-60 minute long performances with puppetry, magic, juggling, demonstrations, competitions and special guest stars! We get several hundred kids per program. Some of the programs run simultaneously. This does not include any of our regular 6 story and laptimes that are still occuring every week.

Anyone that knows me will know that I tend to get carried away sometimes. Just a bit.

Okay, a LOT.

I've been so giddy with excitement over what I am planning that I can hardly stand it! I've been a planning machine. An obsessed maniac. Imagine an evil professor hatching his plot to rule the world - put a twist on that, see me concocting a scheme that blows the socks of the kids of Orem and turns them all into library groupies.

Well - Thursday night I was so wound up that on my way home from work I got PULLED OVER by the police!

The officer came up and with a surreptitious sniff and glance into the interior of the car and asked if I was okay. It was rather obvious she suspected to find alcohol or some other nefarious substance as a cause for my erratic driving.

In my defense, it wasn't JUST my excitement, it was also POTHOLES bigger than my car.

Usually I can just glide around them, smoothly moving from the far side of my lane to the edge of the road in a delicate, and practically memorized, dance of pothole avoidance.

Not last night.

My concentration was taken and no matter how slow I drove, the potholes kept popping up out of the dark in a random attack pattern that my distracted muscles couldn't keep up with.

Slower than the speed limit driving.
Erratic pothole avoidance.
Bingo - you're pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence baby!

Lesson Learned. Maybe.

Don't know if at the ripe age of 43 if change is still possible.
Since I haven't grown up yet, there's only a slim chance of doing it now.

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