Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cabin anniversary weekend

Just a quick post to try and convey some of what our anniversary weekend was like...

We got snowed in at the cabin - can you say delightful! Mom and Dad ended up staying the weekend. It was such a nice, comfortable and peaceful way to spend our anniversary.

The cabin - from below in the meadow

We went for a 4-runner ride up and around - we had to stop and warm up at the hotwell!

do you dare me to touch it?

...and the cabin is gorgeous! Gary did fantastic cabinetry work and mom did such a great job doing tile - oh, and all the work she did to make handmade patchwork quilts for every bed!

Mom and Dad have basically built this whole cabin. The logs walls were raised by a contractor, but all the inside stuff - well, that's all family! Justin did plumbing, Gary the cabinets, Jason the case and base, Sara & Angie the caulking and the rest was pretty much mom and dad - and at their age! I manage to do a lot in my life, but I'm still playing catch up to my parents. They run circles around me.

Basement kitchen

Living room from the stairs - the floors are reclaimed fence wood from Virginia

from the other angle

more of Gary's cabinets and mom's tile

the loft (the tv is here - can you tell by the couch potato? LOL)

one of the bedrooms