Thursday, April 02, 2009

Potentially Embarrassing Admission

Scratch that - it IS embarrassing - I get red in the face everytime I think of it, but I'll tell it to ya anyway 'cause everyone needs a good laugh - right?

The back story:

So, most of you know that my DH has been off in Iraq for a year. And, well, he's home now (yeah!). It's been GREAT to have him home again. He looks fantastic - lost inches on his waist and added them to the shoulders - not that he wasn't spectacularly fit before he left!

Last Monday:

Jason (our oldest) was picking Lex up from school as Brian has gone back to his real world job and Jason gets to 'work off' his free rent by being the school taxi when he is not out in Minnesota flying for Mesaba.

So, Jason asked Lex how she liked having Dad home now.

She responded that it's great. There's just one thing that bothers her. She said that "BEFORE Dad came home, Mom was always very polite". "Now, she's not polite anymore. Just in one thing, but she's just not polite."

Jason, being the curious kid he is, asked her; "Why Lex? How is Mom not polite anymore?"

Lex replied, "She called Dad a 'Sexy Boy', and that's just not polite."

Well, when Jason could breath through his laughter, he immediately called me at work to give me the scoop.

When I got home I did have to ask her if she thought I was rude (well, after being confronted by the 'Sexy (laughing) Boy'). No she, said; "You're not rude, just not polite"

It's a darn good thing I didn't ever add the word 'Toy' to that!!!


Dee said...

That's super cute and so funny!!! I'm glad you have your sexy boy back from Iraq! :)

Penny B. said...

LOL...enjoy that sexy boy!!!

Rachael said...

LOL That is SO funny!!

I'm glad to see an update from you!!!

I'm glad your sexy boy is home!!! Tell him the Chamberlain's say THANK YOU!!!

BrendaB said...

LOL! You never know what kids are thinking (or what they'll say!) So glad your DH is home. Our SIL is on his second tour in Iraq and has five more months to go.