Sunday, November 16, 2008

Puppy Love

We have a new member of the household!

Yep, welcome Jack - the mini schnauzer...


...he may be little in body, but he is packed full of character! From tearing around the house with a corner of a rug in his mouth, begging the cats to play and just charming everyone with every little tilt of his head.

Lex is in heaven. On the way home from dance Friday she asked me if I knew why she kept laughing in her head: "because I get to go see Jack!"


Before we get our hopes up too much, I have to say that he is just one loan from my sister. He had gotten into some bad habits and we are trying to break him of them by changing his location. But, it very well could turn out to be on a more permanent basis. I just have to get thinking of what to do when I go back to work - it's a bit much to think about and I do get overwhelmed. But then he will hop up on my lap or tilt his head and just look at me - irresistable.



Dee said...

What a cutie!!! How fun for Lexi!

Penny B. said...

He's adorable!! I swear by crate training. Pets do have a way of getting to our hearts.

Rachael said...

He's a cute little guy!!

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