Thursday, October 30, 2008

Did you give up on me?

So, did you give up on me ever posting again??

Hope not ;) 'cause I'm baaaaack!

First, you gotta see this - Lex on the phone to daddy in Iraq - isn't this adorable?!!


I've been busy busy busy! You would think that being off work I would be LESS busy, but no. I have no idea how I fit work into my schedule before, honestly. Or, I wonder if I just find ways to fill my time no matter what I do or how busy I am.

My mother has taken to calling me 'Molly Homemaker' If I don't show up on Tuesdays to do some sort of homemaking project at her house she makes my dad call me to see where I am and to make sure that I know they are home (they do travel a lot and are not home EVERY Tuesday). Anyway...

So a few of the projects that I've schlepped over to my mother's house (where I can get help as I need it)are:



Peach jam & syrup, Cherry jelly & syrup, Chili sauce, and Tomato sauce. I still need to do the Jalapeno Jelly :0 (Many many days of canning!)

(NOTE: We created the Chili Sauce recipe, and a super incredible Tomato Soup recipe - I'll post them if you want - oh, don't be misled by the name 'Chili' - it's got no hot peppers in it at all, just spices and bell peppers)


Olivia Quilt,

Serendipity Quilt,

Civil War Quilt squares of the month,

and the last of my Summer Quilt. Oh, and I did manage some general mending in there too.

On the other days I've scrapped - Christmas stuff, so I can't show it, you'll just have to take my word on it. Okay, so I do have this altered bottle - got to love this recycling stuff, particularly when the economy has been the way it has lately!

I am still being very careful about my back. I can't sit for too long, or stand or walk for extended periods of time. I get exhausted easily too. But I am crossing my fingers, hoping that I can return to work at the end of November. I don't have a dr.'s clearance for that yet, but if I go asking, return to work papers in hand, I just might get the okay. Limits in place I'm sure, but at least an okay.

Anyway, lots to pack in in one blog, but I'll work at doing it better :)


Penny B. said...

Hey girl!!! I was so happy to see your comment on my blog! I've missed hearing from you! :) I LOVE your quilts....I just cannot imagine all of the time you put into them...and canning...and scrapping too. Truly, it sounds like heaven to me...except for your back and hubby being gone!

Did you make Lex's headband? I LOVE it! That pic will bring back a lot of memories for you and her too. I have several of me and other relatives talking to my DH on Christmas when he was there, and also when we were living in Germany talking to our family back home. So cool to have those memories all come back with a photo.

Keep on healing...and posting!

The Paw's said...

you put the rest of us to shame.

Dee said...

I LOVE that picture of Lex on the phone with her daddy! So sweet!

Wow, I would love to come and learn how to do some of those crafts at your house! You should start up a boutique!

BrendaB said...

Amy, you definitely have been busy! Love that photo of Lexi on the phone!