Friday, July 04, 2008

Photos from my Bri!

I got photos from my far away love!

Take a look at this hunk - yep, he's mine, hands off ladies :)

His truck there

His 'house':

I can almost feel the heat coming out of this photo (what, it's like 120 degrees or so there !??!!)


It's not going to be fun without him, waiting here at home, having major surgery without him. But he has it worse than me for sure.

Now I just have to get photos from my youngest boy over in Kuwait.

I do love my boys in uniform '-)


Penny B. said...

Totally sweet!! I think he's incredibly handsome!!

Scrapbook Princess said...

Give them a hug from me and thank them for what they are doing!!

Gardner Family said...

Thanks for the photos! It gives me a better idea of what my hubby is driving and where he sleeps. :) Now I'm gonna go give my hubby a hard time for not sending us more pics. :)