Saturday, March 22, 2008

What day is it anyway?

What day is it? Nothing like some midnight, all night, over night travel to get your days all mixed up. I think I’m missing a few days by the way – have you seen them?

Now that I’ve had a night of sleep, a day of hanging out and a bit of chocolate therapy combined with a side of caffeine, I think I’m about ready to join the land of the thinking and actually DO something constructive. Nothing heavy, just, oh maybe make a few phone calls; “Yeah, we are here. Yep, we made it in. No, no problems. We made it ahead of the spring storm, the only delay being some advance winds that really made the last few minutes before landing in JFK a real tummy turner of a ride. Lex summed it up nicely when she said, “Mom, my tummy has the hiccups and it thinks it’s trying to throw up.”

Oh, speaking of the JFK Airport, have you been there? What an interesting place! Everyone was in such a hurry. Seriously, there was not a single person that was not almost, if not already, running. Weaving in and out of each other at a pace that brought to mind a hive of busy ants. Oh and maybe it was just because of our tipsy tummies, but I really noticed all those very traditional morning smells. The smell of coffee wafting across and among the rushing travelers, the super sweet smell of a Dunkin’ Donuts getting ready to open. Me, not being a person that can handle sweet in the morning, and not being a coffee drinker, it was a bit much. It was a relief to get to our gate and not have any smells to fend off. Thankfully that hour was enough of a break to get our insides back on an even keel before taking off for Washington Dulles.

I always forget how many PINE TREES there are here in the East. Pine, Pine, stand of leaf-less-as-yet ‘other’ kind of trees, then pine, pine and pine again. That and all the rolling hills, hill after hill, twisty up and over winding hills and the roads that divide them. Quite like what I am doing on vacation this week. I’m exploring those roads. Unwinding, standing tall and emerging from winter.

Part of the fun of being here is getting reacquainted not only with my sister, but also my little niece and young nephew. Being the person I am, I had to snap a few snapshots. Here are a few that summed up the following day:

That impish grin...

An innocent sibling...

And a visiting cousin...

...who, as yet, is unused to playing with said impish boys!


Marianne said...

Amy, Amy, Amy.... how great it was to see this on your blog! What a great time you must be having. And, Lex will not soon forget meeting everyone and seeing every new thing. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys are having so much fun! And it doesnt look TOO cold? Lexy is playing in a short sleeved shirt! Wish we could have gone with ya, but we'll take trips together soon!!

Penny B. said...

Hey girl! Thanks for your comments on my blog! I haven't visited yours in awhile and once I did I realized how much I've been missing your creative style. It is a style that I totally adore but can't do myself. Keep up the great work and enjoy that vacation!!

Oh BTW, I have been in JFK, once, and I do remember it being quite the whirlwind of activity.