Sunday, March 02, 2008

Creatively Juicing, uh, er..canning ;)

I KNOW this is dated the 2nd of March, and I really DID do this project way back then, I just forgot to finish the darn post!

Anyway, please forgive me, enjoy any creative flow you might get from my little fun project I did here, and then go play with your little treasures :

If Beauty, Spunk and Energy could be canned, this would be it.

Alas, I can only manage to stop time in my art and not IRL.

I've taken a perfume canister from Hollister (I think I only bought it for the canister - oh that kind of shows how bad/addicted I am ;)

- Anyway, here is the end product I created -

My attempt at capturing and stopping a moment in time by freezing it on a canister.

Canned Alexis
(no... not "Can it Alexis!" LOL! Although a 'Can' do Alexis or a 'Can'tcha just stop growing... might have been just as appropriate ;P)





I DID add some stickers, rubons and cardstock embellies. The stickers got all scrunched and munched to make them look a bit like the Hollister item# sticker. The only other bit'o altering was a touch of distressing with sandpaper to some edges :)


The Paw's said...

cute! So what do you put inside?

scrappermimi said...

That can is too cool, and that picture is just great! Love the look on her face!

Karla said...

Oh1 This is so cute!...What kind of can is this?...I have to try this project myself, you are very talented! =)

Gardner Family said...

Hi Amy :) I'm Leah Gardner :)(SSG/Dan Gardner's wife) Dan told me you live in Saratoga Springs! I found your blog through the 191 cssb blog. We have a family blog too! It's ( we just moved from hawaii)
Feel free to viist! :)
Also my e-mail is
Let's get together some time and miss our hubbies together. :)

Dee said...

That is SO cool! You are so creative!