Thursday, August 09, 2007

First 5K Run!

What a fun night!

Lexy just finished her FIRST 5K run - Wahoo!

Just look at them here, matching Army PT uniforms and all.

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(sorry for the reflective glare! Holy cow! Those PT uniforms have got some BLING there! LOL!

I made it just in time for the prize drawings, so no good starting line images from me, nor any en-route photos. But Dad did get some, I just have to get them from his camera. The run was a bit much for Lex, but she did it - and she won 5$ at Bajio's Restaurant to boot! Way to go Lexy!

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Scrapbook Princess said...

Wow congrats Lexi!!!! That is a huge accomplishment!!! You go girl!

jadadog said...

Hooray for Lexi!!! And your hubby! I couldn't do that!

Trish said...

Congrats Lexi!

Melanie said...

Lexy is just adorable! What a great accomplishment for her, too.