Sunday, July 29, 2007

WiLd kiDs!

Oh, my.

Recipe for wIld kId SUrpRiSE:


1 sister and family in town from Virginia
1 brother and family in town from Texas
3 siblings and family that live here

Mix separately:

17 Adults that want to talk downstairs
8 young cousins that have not seen each other for a while

Put together in one fair-sized house (where loud noises can get muffled)

What do you get?

wIld kId SUrpRiSE!

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I'm just glad I didn't add sugar!

Honestly though it was a BLAST to watch the kids go absolutely CRAZY! I KNOW I should have been a responsible adult and called a halt. But, hey, it's my house and I had my camera ready!

Another snapshot:

My neice having a great time with the dress-ups. Just LOOK at these eyes!

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p.s. Yes, that is her brother hamming it up in the background - those Texan's like to raise them wild!


Tineke said...

It sounds like so much fun!!! You must have a blast this weekend

Rachael said...

so fun!!! what a strong family resemblance!!! Wow!